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Aired: 08/3/2011



Which elite military unit is superior? Watch the U.S. Army Rangers take on the North Korean Special Operations Forces in this episode of Deadliest Warrior! (42:01)


The US Army Rangers, America's premier light infantry, who would lead America's massive counter-attack vs the North Korean Special Operations Force, extremist super-commandos poised to launch a communist invasion of South Korea.


U.S. Army Ranger Team: Ssgt. Tim Kennedy (U.S. Army Ranger), Lt. Col. John Lock (Ret) (U.S. Army Ranger/Historian)
U.S. Army Ranger Weapons: M4 Assault Rifle, SR-25 Sniper Rifle, Claymore Mine
U.S. Army Ranger Hand-To-Hand Combat: Special Operations Combatives Program
U.S. Army Ranger Statistics: Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches, Weight: 175 Pounds, Age: 24


North Korean Special Operations Force Team: Charles Joh (SWAT CDR/Tactics Specialist), Ji Jay Kim (Fmr South Korean Marine), Thomas Rix (Fmr U.S. Intelligence Officer), Grand Master Ho Jin Song (9th Degree Black Belt)
North Korean Special Operations Force Weapons: Type 68 AKM, PSL, Anti-Personnel Box Mine
North Korean Special Operations Force Hand-To-Hand Combat: Hapkido and Tae-Kwon-Do Hybrid
North Korean Special Operations Force Statistics: Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches, Weight: 135 Pounds, Age: 27


  • This battle is the first to be set up in a specific geographic location, the Korean Peninsula along the coast of North Korea. This also makes it the first battle to be set in a location that gives one of the warriors an advantage over the other, since the NKSOF are fighting on their own turf.

  • This is considerably a very close match-up with a difference of 8 battles between the two armies. It is the closest matchup in the history of Deadliest Warrior.

  • The US Army Rangers were voted the most popular warrior of season 3. Despite this, the Rangers vs NKSOF episode is considered to be one of the most controversial episodes due to how close the final score was and the fact that their battle could happen in real life since they are still big enemies to each other.

NOTE:  DW...plenty of non-serious fluff...but, also, a great deal of fun and a rather unique personal experience.  If there was anything annoying about the show, it was the fact that the simulation only decreed a narrow victory by the Army Rangers...rather than the overwhelming, real world, ass-whipping that would result from an actual confrontation.  As stated during the show, Rangers do not fight fair...nor do they fight without leveraging the resources provided by the world’s only super-power (past and present).  Rangers fight with an overwhelming array of advanced technology that includes night vision, stand-off munitions, robotics, battle armor and C4ISR networking…to name just a few.  While DW got the end result right…a US Army Ranger victory…their degree of victory left a great deal to be desired.  General George S. Patton, Jr., was quoted as saying: “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other guy die for his."  US Army Rangers are more than capable of demonstrating how to successfully achieve this objective.


Caveat: let it be known that I informed Ranger Tim, face to face, that he's what 'JD Lock' used to be.  As 'Bruce' sings, "Glory Days"   :(


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