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Judy's 60th Birthday Celebration

The Hampton's

7 - 9 October 2016


Thursday - 6 October:

The Surprise! Pack for a trip, destination unknown!

Friday - 7 October: We're OFFFF to see the Wizard...!

"We're in the Hamptons?!

A Surprise sibling lunch in East Hampton!

Nice digs; well done Jen, Cheryl & Stephanie

Little better than a great seafood dinner and birthday cake followed by a bit of hot tube & outdoor tent relaxation

Saturday - 8 October: Off to breakfast and a local tour while the boys head off to a round of golf ... in the Hamptons ... without me  :( 

Sailing Montauk's Catamaran Mon Tiki

A surprise dinner excursion to not only the Fam but to me also; well done Cyndy...sorry Dan :(

Can't come this far and not go to the very end - Montauk Point Light Lighthouse; followed up by a bit of talking about the table or...for a few other 'old folk,' a nap after a long day

Sunday - 9 October: Final day...breakfast, cleanup and a McGirr 'Good bye'

One last stop before heading out of town...

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