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TITLE                                                                                                                                                 DATE


A Commander's Philosophy                                                                                                        June 1988


Combat Engineer Sapper Squad Qualification Course                                                           July 1988


Battlefield Mobility: The Counter-Obstacle Team (COT)                                                        Jan-Feb 1989


Final Thoughts for the Graduating Class (West Point)                                                           May 1996


A Champion For His Country - Published: NJ Star Ledger                                                     27 April 2004


Tillman Embraced Higher Calling - (Quoted) Published USA Today (D. Kindred)             27 April 2004


The Role of the Platoon Leader in the Future Force Reconnaissance Platoon                    February 2006

     Maybe It’s Time to Reconsider the ‘Follow Me’ Paradigm?


Future Force Reconnaissance Platoon Configuration                                                             February 2006

     Proposed Changes to the FCS O&O Plan for the Combined Arms Bn Recon Plt

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