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To fight the enemy bravely with a prospect of victory is nothing; but to fight with intrepidity under the constant impression of defeat, and inspire irregular troops to do it, is a talent peculiar to yourself.

American Revolutionary War General Nathanael Greene
to Brigadier Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox"

[Intrepidity (in-tré pid é tç): "resolute courage"]




Praise for JD Lock's To Fight with Intrepidity


The Ranger Creed

CHAPTER 1 Pre-American Revolution

CHAPTER 2 Rogers' Rangers: The Beginning--1755

CHAPTER 3 Rogers' Rangers: Campaign of 1756

CHAPTER 4 Rogers' Rangers: Campaign of 1757

CHAPTER 5 Rogers' Rangers: Campaign of 1758

CHAPTER 6 Rogers' Rangers: Campaign of 1759

CHAPTER 7 Rogers' Rangers: Campaign of 1760

CHAPTER 8 Rogers' Rangers: Campaign of 1761

CHAPTER 9 Rogers' Rangers: Beyond the French and Indian War

CHAPTER 10 The Temporary Revival of Rogers' Rangers

CHAPTER 11 The American Revolution: The Queen's & King's Rangers

CHAPTER 12 The American Revolution: Francis Marion--the "Swamp Fox"

CHAPTER 13 Post-Revolutionary War Years

CHAPTER 14 The American Civil War: John S. Mosby--Mosby's Rangers

CHAPTER 15 World War II

CHAPTER 16 Korean Conflict

CHAPTER 17 Vietnam Conflict

CHAPTER 18 Formation of the 75th Ranger Regiment

CHAPTER 19 Iran: Operation Eagle Claw (Desert One)

CHAPTER 20 Grenada: Operation Urgent Fury

CHAPTER 21 Panama: Operation Just Cause

CHAPTER 22 Persian Gulf War: Operation Desert Shield/Storm

CHAPTER 23 Somalia: The Creed in Action

CHAPTER 24 Ranger Lessons Learned

Appendix A The `Truth' Behind Rogers' Rangers Standing Orders

Appendix B Rogers' Rules of Discipline

Appendix C Rogers' Rangers Standing Orders

Appendix D Battle Honors of Rogers' Rangers

Appendix E Korean War Ranger Units

Appendix F Vietnam War

Appendix G 75th Ranger Regiment Lineage & Honors

Appendix H Ranger Medal of Honor Recipients

Appendix I Medal Honor of Certificate



About the Author

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