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Our purpose at ALVA Labs is rooted in the tradition of the futuristic genius of the “Forgotten Father of Technology,” Nicola Tesla, in bringing his abstract theoretical research to fruition and of the practical genius of "The Wizard of Menlo Park," Thomas A. Edison, who brought functional and useful technology to the world. ALVA Labs is organized to emulate these traditions, to become a leader in visionary and applied research that will enhance life worldwide; our objective is to “Invent what the World needs.” We are training and motivating a talented staff committed to the pursuit of excellence day and night, adapting, building, improving and perfecting on an original idea or invention. Where no prior theory exists, ALVA Labs will press beyond perceived failure and discouragement to find original or more resourceful ways to achieve and improve; ways to ‘do it better.’


Genius comes in many forms and the majority of those forms are rooted in careful and well organized preparation. Most things worth doing or worth discovering are not realized by accident. They are routinely achieved through insightful, enduring and hard analytical work. For these scientists and engineers, inspiration can be found in a ‘piece of junk’ that is manipulated through insightful imagination to invent something of value.


The penultimate and altruistic goal of all research and invention should be within the context of what it offers society. ALVA Labs aspires to be demonstrative of who and what we are. Thus, our efforts of discovery and experimentation will focus on the advancement of human life and not its restriction, conquest or destruction.


Thomas A. Edison noted that “The thing I lose patience with the most is the clock. Its hands move too fast.” ALVA Labs will press hard against the technology envelope to help shape the civilized advancement of Mankind, through theoretical and applied scientific research. Today may be that day.

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