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82nd Airborne Division

Airborne Operations - 1990


Below right is a link to a video of an Airborne training exercise in 1989 with the 82d Airborne Division.   At the time, I was a company commander in the 82d and Primary Jumpmaster on the left door for this operation.  Having served in the 82d for four years on 'jump status' from 1986 - 1990, I was a Master Jumpmaster with 70 jumps.  Per the last Time Hack below, though, this exit was not one of my 'finest' say the least.  As the last to jump and wanting to ensure I did not get caught on board with a 'Red Light' and, thus, be forced to fly back to 'Green Ramp,' my exit from the 'bird' left a little to be desired...actually, it left a lot.  One can literally watch me hang, then simply let go from the door edge, my fingers peeling away...then hear me slam into the side of the aircraft...nearly ripping off my helmet and turning me upside down for a few seconds, my feet caught in my risers.  Stylish? No. Count as a 'Jump?'  Yes :)


C141B Starlifter

Top speed: 567 mph; up to 168 paratroopers

Cruise speed 885 km/h 550 mph

Ceiling 12500 m 41000 ft

Range w/max.fuel 11400 km 7084 miles

Range w/max.payload 6440 km 4002 miles

Drop speed for all aircraft: 130 knots ~ 150 mph

Drop Altitude:  Training - 800’ AGL (Above Ground Level) day; ~ 1,000' AGL night

                              Combat - 500' AGL


The Vid's a bit long (30 minutes and very boring in many spots - in addition to a bit 'rough' having been transferred from a VHS tape...this was 1989, after all) and was filmed by an officer preparing to depart the division.  I just happened to be the Primary Jumpmaster that day.


The Time Hacks below highlight specific events to jump ahead and view.



0 – 1 Min:             JMPI…Jumpmaster Personnel Inspection; the pre building 'Green Ramp'

1:                           Boarding ramp of C-141B Starlifter

3:                           20 minute warning (first 'Jump Command')

8:50:                      Doors Open for Pass #1 - turned over to the Jumpmasters

12:30                      ‘Race Track’…winds too high; go around

1615:                      Doors Open for Pass #2

19:06                     ‘Green Light!’…first ‘Stick’ exits the door

24:30                     Doors Open for Pass #3

28:08                     ‘Green Light!’…second and last ‘Stick’ exits the door

28:33                    Primary Jumpmaster (me) exits door...with a THUD  :)


Note:   By the time I made it back to the unit area from the DZ (Drop Zone) the tape had already been shown a few times.  Didn't really have a clue as to why the Troops were all telling me, "Hell of a Jump, Sir!," until I saw and heard the 'thump' of my exit, at which point, it all became clear to me.



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Airborne Operation

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82d Airborne

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Blood on the Risers

Gory Gory What a Helluva Way to Die

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