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Itschner Award Submission - 1984

C Company

16th Combat Engineer Battalion, 1st Armored Division


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UL/UR: Upper Left/Right

ML/MR: Middle Left/Right

LL/LR: Lower Left/Right

The Itschner Plaque, first awarded by SAME in 1960, is named in honor of Lt. Gen. Emerson C. Itschner, USA. The plaque was presented to the most outstanding U.S. Army engineering company during a year. In 1974, the competition for the Itschner Award was broadened to include the Army National Guard and the Army reserve. Criteria: Most outstanding U.S. Army engineering company during the year. Eligibility: One plaque is awared each year to an outstanding engineering company from each the following: United States Army (Active); Army Reserve; and Army National Guard.

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