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Writing Philosophy

My Charter in writing, as it is in life, is to educate and to provoke thought while seeking to entertain. I trust that no matter what degree of success I achieve, I will always remain true to this principle.


Where does one start? I have always heard that authors should write about what they know. Who was I to think any differently? It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize why, given my twenty-eight years of military service: from private to West Point cadet to commissioned officer...and my proclivity for military history, I have been inclined to focus my initial works and efforts... such as TO FIGHT WITH INTREPIDITY, THE COVETED BLACK AND GOLD, and my most current project, a screenplay called THE ROAD TO HAMMELBURG- TASK FORCE BAUM...on military related topics.


That being said, there is another more self-serving and deeply personal reason why my initial focus is on the military genre. For the record, let there be no doubt that the Profession of Arms is the noblest profession of all. That nobility, however, does not translate well for, as this great nation's population grows in size and its overall military active-duty base decreases in number, the chasm of understanding and appreciation between those who protect and those protected grows at an alarmingly exponential rate. Sadly, this rift has grow to such a point that we, as a society, have lost a great deal of perspective regarding the personal sacrifices this relatively small group of men and women in uniform make on our behalf...and, by extension, on behalf of the world. Should, in the end, it prove to be only a handful of American society that learns from my efforts to truly appreciate our members of the United States Armed Forces for what they have and continue to do, I will judge my ability as an author to have been a success.


Where do I go from here? As it would so happen, my interests in life extend far beyond the bounds of the military and of history. And, therein, lies the real beauty of writing...especially for one who wishes to expand his scope of knowledge and ability to understand. While I noted earlier that an author should write about what he knows it does not preclude an author from knowing about what he writes. What do I mean by that? The fact that I am not necessarily a subject matter expert in a particular field does not prevent me from writing about long as I satisfactorily explore and thoroughly research the subject in question. In the end, what other profession allows one to learn across a vast spectrum of subjects what his heart desires or mind questions...and earn a living from it?


Hope to see you from a vast multitude of book sections and the big screen.

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