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A Daily Journey Through The US Army Ranger School Experience


For more than 200 years, U.S. Army Rangers have earned their unrivaled reputation as the world's premier warriors with bravery, blood, and sacrifice. Being a Ranger is a function of attitude and a state of mind, as well as a matter of skills and training, and it is the mission of the U.S. Army Ranger School to meld and to fortify these attributes. Ranger School is a journey that must be taken one day at a time...and each day of that journey is captured in this book. It is the cumulative effect of each of those days, the arduous work, the deprivation, the misery, that leads to what is ultimately called "the Ranger School experience"


Foreword by Colonel Ralph Puckett, Jr. USA (Ret), First Honorary Colonel of the 75th Ranger Regiment

"A good read for any student of the warrior ethic."

General Colin L. Powell, USA (Retired)

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A Legacy Of Valor


From the snowy forests of Upstate New York and the humid swamps of South Carolina to the humid streets of Mogadishu and the snowy mountain peaks of Afghanistan, read accounts of some of the most courageous, daring, and vicious ground combat in the annals of U.S. military history.


Foreword by Medal of Honor recipient and former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey


"An OUTSTANDING tribute!!!!! I loved this book! I have always been sort of a dreamer when it comes to military history and have often wondered what some of our brave soldiers of the past must have gone through, especially those of the civil and revolutionary war eras. Still like a young kid I often put myself in their place when engaging a good, vivid book about their trials and tribulations. This is such a book, and it deals with the some of the toughest of the tough, our Rangers, from past to present. Such great detail and vivid images. I thought I was there. J.D. Lock took me from the beginning stages during the French and Indian Wars right up to Operation Enduring Freedom. You can feel this book. The action in Korea, the mishaps in getting our Rangers into Grenada. All there. Hats off to an outstanding book!"

Book Review, Military Writers Society of America

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The U.S. Army 75th Ranger Regiment. Theirs is a nearly impossible mission: strike deep into the heart of Russia to defeat a nuclear-armed terrorist. But in a series of events that go terribly wrong, Ranger Captain Nathaniel Ames finds himself thrust back within the historical events of the American Civil War, a war that changed the world forever, the outcome of which Ames may now have the power to change. But for what purpose? The answer to that question eventually leads Nathaniel Ames to discover his destiny.


"An edgy yarn from a fierce new voice."

W.E.B. Griffin, New York Times #1 best selling author

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Pocket Books

Simon & Schuster


The Complete History Of The US Army Rangers 1622 To Present [1993]


Take a stand with Robert Rogers and his outnumbered Rangers at La Barbue Creek. Spearhead Patton's invasion of Sicily beside legendary modern Ranger founder William Darby. Feel the adrenaline rush of the Red Devil Raiders as they hunt Viet Cong guerrillas within Vietnam's Quang Tri region. From the French and Indian War to Somalia, enter combat with the elite warriors who have changed the course of history.


Foreword by Lieutenant General Harold G. Moore, USA (Retired), author of NY Times #1 bestseller We Were Soldiers Once... And Young

"A fine tribute to a great outfit. From the Revolution to the present, the U.S. Army Rangers have been at the cutting edge. Lock tells the story with skill and passion."

Stephane E. Ambrose Historian

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