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     21Mar15      TRAVEL/KSA/Al Janadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival


    22Mar15      TRAVEL/KSA/ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) 'Freewheeling' in the Red Sands of the Arabian Peninsula


    23Mar15      TRAVEL/KSA/Souq

                        TRAVEL/KSA/Souq/Gold Souq I

                        TRAVEL/KSA/Souq/Gold Souq II


    25Mar15       TRAVEL/KSA/Golf in KSA; Riyadh Greens Golf Course


    10Apr15       TRAVEL/Australia/Background


                         TRAVEL/Australia/Arrival & the town of Leura


    13Apr15        TRAVEL/Australia/Blue Mountains National Park


    24Jun15       Life’s Challenges: Facing One's Mortality When Least Expected


  23 Nov15       OP/ED: Terrorism: Where is the legacy of the Greatest Generation?


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