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RANGERS IN COMBAT- Table of Contents

But where life is more terrible than death, it is then the truest valour to dare to live.

Sir Thomas Browne,

Religio Medici (pt. XLIV)

(English author; 1605–1682)





Ranger Creed

1  Leadership              French and Indian War: Rogers’ Rangers – La Barbue Creek

2  Determination       French and Indian War: Rogers’ Rangers – Rogers’ Rock

3  Survival                   French and Indian War: Rogers’ Rangers – St. Francis Raid

4  Intrepidity              American Revolution: Francis Marion – Buffs Regiment

5  Initiative                 American Revolution: Francis Marion – Ft. Watson Siege

6  Boldness                  Civil War: Mosby’s Rangers – Stoughton Raid

7  Training                  World War II: Darby’s Rangers - Cisterna, Italy

8  Fearlessness           World War II: 2nd & 5th Ranger Infantry Battalions - Normandy (D-Day)

9  Endurance              World War II: 5th Ranger Infantry Battalion - Zerf, Germany

10 Daring                     World War II:  6th Ranger Battalion - Cabanatuan Prison Raid

11 Valor                        Korea: Eighth Army Ranger Company – Hill 205

12 Personal Courage  Vietnam: Sergeant First Class Gary L.  Littrell – Hill 763

13 Heroism                  Vietnam: Staff Sergeant Robert J. Pruden - Tay Ninh Province

14 “Planning”              Operation Urgent Fury – Grenada: 1st & 2nd Ranger Battalions - Point Salines

15 ¡Cojones!                 Operation Just Cause - Panama: 1st (+) Ranger Battalion – Omar Torrigos

16 Confidence              Operation Just Cause – Panama: 2nd & 3rd (-) Ranger Battalions – Rio Hato

17 Sacrifice                  United Nations Operations Somalia II - Somalia: Task Force Ranger - Mogadishu

18 Brotherhood           Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan: Razor 01 & 02 – Battle of Takur Ghar

19 Ranger Lessons Learned - Closing Observations

Appendix A             Military Award Descriptions—Combat Awards

Appendix B             Ranger Medal of Honor Recipients

Appendix C             Formation of the 75th Ranger Regiment



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