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CHAIN OF DESTINY - Table of Contents

“It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.”

Winston Churchill


Prologue              A Time in the Not Too Distant Future

1                             In the Cross Hairs

2                             The Man in the Arena

3                             The Dictionary of Fools

4                             Reports in War

5                             Smooth on Paper

6                             The Greater the Obstacle

7                             The Time for My Death

8                             By Example

9                             The Worst Cowardice

10                           When the Time Comes

11                           Even When He is Afraid

12                           What Counts

13                           A Statistic

14                           Warm and Courageous

15                           My Brother

16                           Ground Which Should Not Be Contested

17                           Never Give Up the Pursuit

18                           Irresistible Necessity

19                           The Soldier’s Preserver

20                           Of Death’s in Hospitals

21                           The City of Magnificent Intentions

22                           My Chance Will Come

23                           No Prize

24                           Get Even

25                           A Prisoner’s Chains

26                           Find a Way

27                           The Weapon of the Brave

28                           Be Thou at Peace

29                           I Would Rather

30                           One Day at a Time

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