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Aired: 07/27/2011


When Jesus Christ drew his final breath on the cross, a Roman soldier pierced Christ's side with a spear. That spear was said to have the power to control the fate of humanity, and its owners, including Emperor Constantine, Attila the Hun, and Charlemagne, all wielded tremendous power over their known worlds. When it found a home in the Austrian treasury, Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler gazed upon it and vowed to himself to be a leader such as those that had held the spear.

Though Hitler once took the spear for himself, it has been restored to the treasury - but Ashley doubts its authenticity. After an intense conversation, the treasury's curator reveals that forensic tests have proved that it is not the original spear, but a replica. Ashley and Kinga resolve to find out what happened to the original.

Legend Quest - SyFy Channel

Holy Lance

Season 1 - Episode 103


NOTE: Needless to say, as the “contact in Washington, high up in the US military, with Top Secret clearance…agreed to meet but only if we keep his identity a secret"...there's more than a bit of hyperbole.  Given I was not read in on the 'identity a secret' part of the episode, I was as amused as anyone else by the blurred face and voice masking.  That said, however, I have to admit, I felt like Billy Crystal’s Mike Wazowski character in the movie, Monster Inc, when he first saw himself on the cover of a magazine.  Bottom line...while I may have been an 'unaccredited actor,' I was still on TV  :)

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