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Golf in KSA

Riyadh Greens Golf Course

Referred to by some as the "Pearl in the Desert" and located approximately 25km (15 miles) from the center of Riyadh, the 18 hole Riyadh Greens course is one of only two grass courses in Riyadh area.


Set in the middle of the desert (what in KSA is not?), the course has a nice large clubhouse with restaurant and outside sitting area.  

The course is of medium length where wayward shots do not necessarily punish poor golfers...such as myself.  While the par 3s are pretty short...even for me...and the green speeds vary greatly with extreme undulation not just hole to hole but on each is still a pretty unique experience for a non Middle Easterner to be playing golf on grass surrounded by desert sand and wondering camels.  

PHOTOs of Interest:


1 - 13: Drive out...


     ...essentially out into the middle of nowhere.


14 - 15: Turn off


     Talk about unimpressive directions.  


18: Entrance


     Behind this gate essentially lies a 'green' oasis. 


60 - 65: Camels


     Yep, they're actually all about.  


79 - 83: Rain?


     Round called 'due to weather?'  Rain?!  WTF?!  


88: Day 02


     Back out to finish the back 9.  


96 - 122: Camels


     They're back!  An audience looking for a good laugh?


130 - 156: Heading back


     Bedouins…still living as nomad descendants within the towering skyline of modern Riyadh.  


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